What If There Isn’t a Single Effect Size? Implications for Power Calculations, Hypothesis Testing, Confidence Intervals and Replications

[From the working paper “The Unappreciated Heterogeneity of Effect Sizes:Implications for Power, Precision, Planning of Research, and Replication” by David Kenny and Charles Judd, posted at Open Science Framework (OSF)] “The goal of this article is to examine the implications…

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How Should One Statistically Analyse a Replication? It Depends.

[From the preprint, “Statistical Analyses for Studying Replication: Meta-Analytic Perspectives” by Larry Hedges and Jacob Schauer, forthcoming in Psychological Methods] “Formal empirical assessments of replication have recently become more prominent in several areas of science, including psychology. These assessments have…

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What Can Meta-Analyses Tell Us About Reproducibility?

[From the abstract of the article “What Meta-Analyses Reveal About the Replicability of Psychological Research” by T.D. Stanley, Evan Carter, and Hristos Doucouliagos, published in Psychological Bulletin] “Can recent failures to replicate psychological research be explained by typical magnitudes of statistical power,bias…

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