How Pre-Registration Can Lead to Higher-Powered Studies and Increase Reproducibility

[From the paper “Preregistration and reproducibility” by Eirik Strømland, forthcoming in the Journal of Economic Psychology] “I present a simple model in which the research community is populated by agents who may report their results unconditionally or conditionally on statistical…

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GOODMAN: When You’re Selecting Significant Findings, You’re Selecting Inflated Estimates

Replication researchers cite inflated effect sizes as a major cause of replication failure. It turns out this is an inevitable consequence of significance testing. The reason is simple. The p-value you get from a study depends on the observed effect…

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Reblog from Retraction Watch: Replication May Cause More Harm than Good

FROM THE ARTICLE: “Replication is often viewed as the demarcation between science and nonscience. However, contrary to the commonly held view, we show that in the current (selective) publication system replications may increase bias in effect size estimates.” To read…

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