TOL: Special Issue on Replication at Energy Economics

Replication is important. Many journals in economics, including Energy Economics, now insist on papers being published together with a replication package, and a few journals check that package prior to publication. This is a world apart from the common practice…

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TOL & DE WEERD-WILSON: Special Issue on Replication in Energy Economics

Economics has become an empirical discipline. Applied econometrics has replaced mathematical economics in all but a few niche journals, and economists are collecting primary data again. But publication practices are lagging behind. Replication of a theoretical paper has never been…

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Energy Economics Announces a Special Replications Issue

The journal Energy Economics announced it was putting on a special issue dedicated to replications.  While all types of replications are invited, two types are of particular interest.  First, replications of older research that has been widely cited or influential…

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