On the Reproducibility of Psychological Science: A Response from Nosek and Gilbert

[From an article in Retraction Watch] “Scientists have been abuzz over a report in last week’s Science questioning the results of a recent landmark effort to replicate 100 published studies in top psychology journals. The critique of this effort – which suggested…

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Is There Or Is There Not a Replication Crisis in Psychology? That is the Question

[H/T to Retraction Watch for the material in this post] This past week, the journal Science published a study by Dan Gilbert, Gary King and others refuting the claims of Brian Nosek and the Reproducibility Project Psychology (RPP).  The RPP…

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What Do We Know About the Replicability of Psychology Experiments? Less Than We Thought

[FROM THE ARTICLE “STUDY THAT UNDERCUT PSYCH RESEARCH GOT IT WRONG” IN THE HARVARD GAZETTE] “In an attempt to determine the “replicability” of psychological science, a consortium of 270 scientists known as the Open Science Collaboration (OSC) tried to reproduce…

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