We Have Met the Enemy, and He is Us

FROM THE ARTICLE: “We studied publication bias in the social sciences by analyzing a known population of conducted studies—221 in total—in which there is a full accounting of what is published and unpublished. … Strong results are 40 percentage points more…

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A Call for a Journal of Insignificant Results?

FROM THE ARTICLE: “Negative results are an important building block in the development of scientific thought, primarily because most likely the vast majority of data is negative, i.e., there is not a favorable outcome. Only very limited data is positive,…

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Reblog from Retraction Watch: Replication May Cause More Harm than Good

FROM THE ARTICLE: “Replication is often viewed as the demarcation between science and nonscience. However, contrary to the commonly held view, we show that in the current (selective) publication system replications may increase bias in effect size estimates.” To read…

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