BROWN: How to Conduct a Replication Study – Which Tests, Not Witch Hunts

[This post is based on a presentation by Annette Brown at the Workshop on Reproducibility and Integrity in Scientific Research, held at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, on October 26, 2018. It is cross-published on FHI 360’s R&E Search for…

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IN THE NEWS: Wall Street Journal (June 19, 2018)

[From the opinion article, “Undergrads Can Improve Psychology” by Russell Warne and  Jordan Wagge, published at “A lot of what we think we know about human psychology is bunk. That’s because experimental psychology has a “replication crisis”: Too many…

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REPLICATE THIS: Do Dark-Skinned Footballers Get Given Red Cards More Often Than Light-Skinned Ones?

FROM THE ARTICLE: “It sounds like an easy question for any half-competent scientist to answer. Do dark-skinned footballers get given red cards more often than light-skinned ones? But, as RAPHAEL SILBERZAHN …and ERIC UHLMANN … illustrate in this week’s Nature, it…

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