Results-Free Peer Review: The Video

Previous posts at TRN have highlighted “results-free peer review” (RFPR) efforts at a variety of journals: see here, here, and here. The journal BMC Psychology recently put together a short (approximately 2 minutes) video discussing their new policy of “results-free…

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POV: Registered Reports Versus Results-Free Peer Reviews

The main difference between “registered reports” and “results-free peer reviews” is timing of data analysis.  With registered reports, plans are registered and reviewed before data are collected and analyzed.  With results-free peer reviews, everything is completed, but the reviewers are…

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FINDLEY, JENSEN, MALESKY, & PEPINSKY: Nothing Up with Acai Berries: Some Reflections On Null Results from a Results-Free Peer Review Process

In the academy and well beyond, the problem of null results has become quite significant. Indeed, discussions of null results have made their way as far as TV commentator John Oliver’s recent discussion of science in which he poignantly notes…

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