FINDLEY, JENSEN, MALESKY, & PEPINSKY: Nothing Up with Acai Berries: Some Reflections On Null Results from a Results-Free Peer Review Process

In the academy and well beyond, the problem of null results has become quite significant. Indeed, discussions of null results have made their way as far as TV commentator John Oliver’s recent discussion of science in which he poignantly notes…

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MAREN DUVENDACK: What are Registered Replication Reports?

Academia has been abuzz in recent years with new initiatives focusing on research transparency, replication and reproducibility of research. Notable in this regard are the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences, and the Reproducibility Initiative which PLOS and…

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IN THE NEWS: Washington Post (August 25, 2016)

The Washington Post has a story today about “Results-Free Reviewing” (RFR).  What is RFR? When journals review a manuscript without knowing what the results are.  Manuscripts are reviewed purely on whether the question is interesting and whether the experimental design…

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