Retraction Watch Publishes a “Leaderboard” of Top Retractors

The website Retraction Watch is approaching it’s 5th birthday.  Among other things, it publishes a “leaderboard” where they keep track of researchers with the most retractions. The leaderboard lists a Top 30 list of researchers, with links to the individual cases….

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Blogsite “Political Science Replication” summarizes the LaCour faked data scandal

The blogsite Political Science Replication summarizes the recent “scandal” in which a graduate student at UCLA (Michael LaCour) is accused of fabricating data for an article published in Science magazine, leading to its retraction.  The summary includes a description of…

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Retractions and faked data

FROM THE ARTICLE: “A political scientist on Tuesday said he was retracting a paper he’d co-authored — one with wide influence on how campaigns can change public opinion — when faced with evidence that the paper’s central finding was based…

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