Old Boys Network: 1; Open Science: 0.

[Excerpts taken from the article “The Stewart Retractions: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis”, by Justin Pickett, published in Econ Journal Watch] “This study analyzes the recent retraction of five articles from three sociology journals—Social Problems, Criminology, and Law & Society…

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Not to Sound Overly Dramatic, But Are Perverse Incentives Risking a “New Dark Age” in Science?

Recently, Paul Smaldino and Richard McElreath published the results of a computer simulation where scientific research is governed by “laws” of natural selection based on publishing “success.” Their finding that perverse incentives can cause “bad science” to push out good science…

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A Reblog of a Reblog from Political Science Replication

FROM THE ORIGINAL BLOG: “A recent study sent data requests to 200 authors of economics articles where it was stated ‘data available upon request’. Most of the authors refused.”  Is this scientific misconduct?  If so, what should be done about it? To…

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