Old Boys Network: 1; Open Science: 0.

[Excerpts taken from the article “The Stewart Retractions: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis”, by Justin Pickett, published in Econ Journal Watch] “This study analyzes the recent retraction of five articles from three sociology journals—Social Problems, Criminology, and Law & Society…

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Statistical Tools to Detect Data Fabrication: Caveat Emptor

[Excerpts taken from the preprint “Detection of data fabrication using statistical tools” by Chris Hartgerink, Jan Voelkel, Jelte Wicherts, and Marcel van Assen, posted at PsyArXiv Preprints] “In this article, we investigate the diagnostic performance of various statistical methods to…

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COX, CRAIG, & TOURISH: Publishers Cannot Be Coy

[This blog is a repost from the article “Publishers cannot afford to be coy about ethical breaches” published April 19th, 2018 in the Times Higher Education by Adam Cox, Russell Craig, and Dennis Tourish.] There are rising concerns about the…

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