This is Literally a Big Deal

[From the article “Groundbreaking deal makes large number of German studies free to public” by Kai Kupferschmidt, published in Science] “Three years ago, a group of German libraries, universities, and research institutes teamed up to force the three largest scientific…

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How Major Publishers Implement TOP’s Open Data Policies

[From the article, “The Landscape of Open Data Policies” by David Mellor, published at the Center for Open Science blogsite] “TOP [Transparency and Openness Promotion] includes eight policies for publishers or funders to use to increase transparency. They include data transparency,…

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Getting the Publishers Into the Act

At a recent Wiley Executive Seminar, participants from the academic research and publishing community discussed how open science can reduce research bias.  Two trends are particularly noteworthy.  The first is that the TOP guidelines (Transparency and Openness Promotion) are gaining prominence….

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