Registered Replications? There’s a Course for That

Professor Eric-Jan “EJ” Wagenmakers, Professor of Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, has been a leading advocate for pre-registration, replication, and the use of Bayesian statistics, particularly in replication studies.  An interview that highlights his professional contributions can be found here.  
Readers interested in replications should check out his course, “Good Science, Bad Science”.  While focused on psychological science, the course should be of interest to many social scientists, including economists.
Over 16 classes, students are walked towards the following goals:
— “To understand the current “crisis of confidence” in psychological science, and learn what can be done to fix it.”
— “To obtain guidance and practical experience in designing informative and honest replication experiments through preregistration.”
— “To submit four high-quality preregistration proposals to peer-reviewed international journals for ‘in principle acceptance'”
To learn more about the course, click here.

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