Your One Stop Shop for the Pre-registration Debate

Recently the 59th annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society in New Orleans played host to an interesting series of talks on how statistical methods should interact with the practice of science. Some speakers discussed exploratory model building, suggesting that this activity may not…

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A Roundtable Podcast on the Merits of Lowering the Threshold for Statistical Significance to 0.005

This past week, the International Methods Colloquium hosted a conference call on a recent proposal to reduce the threshold of statistical significance to 0.005.  Participants included Daniel Benjamin, Daniel Lakens, Blake McShane, Jennifer Tackett, E.J. Wagenmakers,  and Justin Esarey, all…

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Registered Replications? There’s a Course for That

Professor Eric-Jan “EJ” Wagenmakers, Professor of Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, has been a leading advocate for pre-registration, replication, and the use of Bayesian statistics, particularly in replication studies.  An interview that highlights his professional contributions can be found…

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