Changes in Open Science Practices Over Time in Economics, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology

[From a talk by Betsy Levy Paluck entitled “Open Science Practices are on the Rise Across Four Social Science Disciplines”, based on research with co-authors David Birke, Garret Christensen, Rebecca Littman, Ted Miguel, & Zenan Wang, presented at the annual meeting of BITSS]
Paluck’s talk discussed results from a survey given to researchers who recently published in the top journals in their discipline, and PhD students from top North American doctoral programs. There were two parts to the survey: (1) trends in open science practices; and (2) a survey of researchers’ awareness, attitudes and behavior towards (i) posting data and code online, (ii) posting study instruments, and (iii) and pre-registration. This brief summary only addresses the first part.
The following two slides address the question: “Has there been notable movement toward open science practices within the social sciences in recent years?”
Paluck’s summary of these data is:
To learn more about the second part of the survey, check out the PPT slides (click here) or the YouTube recording of the talk (click here).

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