Surprise? Data Sharing in Social Sciences Lags Other Disciplines

[From the article, “Effect of Impact Factor and Discipline on Journal Data Sharing Policies” by David Resnik et al., published in Accountability in Research] “…we coded … 447 journals … The breakdown was: 18.1% biological sciences, 18.8% clinical sciences, 21.7%…

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Power and Progress in Science

[From the blog “The Persistence of False Paradigms in Low-Power Sciences” by Pascal Michaillat, posted on the BITSS website] “It is commonly believed that the lack of experimental evidence typical in the social sciences slows but does not prevent the…

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Changes in Open Science Practices Over Time in Economics, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology

[From a talk by Betsy Levy Paluck entitled “Open Science Practices are on the Rise Across Four Social Science Disciplines”, based on research with co-authors David Birke, Garret Christensen, Rebecca Littman, Ted Miguel, & Zenan Wang, presented at the annual meeting of BITSS]…

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