Assess Business and Economics Claims. Help Science! Make Money!

The repliCATS project is part of a research program called SCORE, funded by DARPA, that eventually aims to build automated tools that can rapidly and reliably assign confidence scores to social science research claims.
Our method – the IDEA protocol – harnesses the power of structured group discussion in predicting likely replicability. We have built a custom web-based platform to do this.
What we ask you to do is to evaluate the replicability of a claim. That is, if one were to follow the methods of the original study with a high degree of similarity do you think one would find similar results to the original study?
We are now in Round 6, which runs from 1 June to 30 June. Round 6 focuses on business and economics* claims.
Prizes? Yes there are prizes!
– US$500: for the person who completes the most**
– US$250: for the people who complete the 2nd and 3rd most business or economics claims**
Claims must be submitted by midnight, AEST.
Interested in participating or learning more? Click here.
* Claims are considered Business or Economics claims if they were from the journals specified the table in FAQs under “From which journals are the 3000 claims being chosen?”
** A completed claim counts as submitting a final assessment.


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