Assess Business and Economics Claims. Help Science! Make Money!

The repliCATS project is part of a research program called SCORE, funded by DARPA, that eventually aims to build automated tools that can rapidly and reliably assign confidence scores to social science research claims. Our method – the IDEA protocol – harnesses the power…

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CALLING ALL ECONOMISTS! Come To Melbourne and Predict the Reproducibility of Social Science Research. Travel Grants Available.

The repliCATS Project is part of a monumental effort to estimate the replicability of 3,000 published social science research claims. Towards that end, it is sponsoring a one-day workshop in Melbourne, Australia on November 6th. Participants will work in small…

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FIDLER & MODY: The repliCATS Bus – Where It’s Been, Where It’s Going

For several years now scientists—in at least some disciplines—have been concerned about low rates of replicability. As scientists in those fields, we worry about the development of cumulative knowledge, and about wasted research effort. An additional challenge is to consider…

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