Replication in Economics: How Much? And What Matters?

[From the abstract of the forthcoming paper, “Replication studies in economics—How many and which papers are chosen for replication, and why?” by Frank Mueller-Langer, Benedikt Fecher, Dietmar Harhoff, and Gert G. Wagner, forthcoming in the journal, Research Policy] “We investigate how often replication…

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A Painful (but Hilarious) Look at Data Availability and Reuse

[From the website, The Scholarly Kitchen] “Data availability and re-usability starts with best practices in collecting and storing data in the first place. The exasperatingly funny video below shows what happens when those best practices are ignored, something that’s much more…

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SCHÖNBRODT: Learn to p-Hack Like the Pros!

(NOTE: This ironic blog post was originally published on  My Dear Fellow Scientists! “If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.” This aphorism, attributed to Ronald Coase, sometimes has been used in a dis-respective manner, as if…

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