What Do Replications Tell Us About the Reliability of Meta-Analyses? Evidence from Psychology

[Excerpts taken from the article “Comparing meta-analyses and preregistered multiple-laboratory replication projects” by Amanda Kvarven, Eirik Strømland, and Magnus Johannesson, published in Nature Human Behaviour] “In the past 30 years, the number of meta-analyses published across scientific fields has been…

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REED: EiR* – How to Measure the Importance of Variables in Regression Equations

[* EiR = Econometrics in Replications, a feature of TRN that highlights useful econometrics procedures for re-analysing existing research. The material for this blog is drawn from a recent working paper, “On the measurement of importance” by Olivier Sterck.] NOTE:…

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How to Measure the Importance of a Variable in a Regression Equation

[From the working paper “On the economic importance of the determinants of long-term growth” by Olivier Sterck, posted at the Centre for the Study of African Economies working papers website] “The long-run growth literature abounds with statements about the“economic significance”…

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