An Assessment of Open Science Research Practices in Psychology: Lots of Talk But…

[Excerpts taken from the article, “Estimating the prevalence of transparency and reproducibility-related research practices in psychology (2014-2017)”, by Hardwicke, et al., posted at MetaArXiv Preprints] “…we manually examined a random sample of 250 articles to estimate the prevalence of several…

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What Do Replications Tell Us About the Reliability of Meta-Analyses? Evidence from Psychology

[Excerpts taken from the article “Comparing meta-analyses and preregistered multiple-laboratory replication projects” by Amanda Kvarven, Eirik Strømland, and Magnus Johannesson, published in Nature Human Behaviour] “In the past 30 years, the number of meta-analyses published across scientific fields has been…

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Bad News and Good News for Meta-Analyses in Economics

[Excerpts taken from the working paper “Practical Significance, Meta-Analysis and the Credibility of Economics” by Tom Stanley and Chris Doucouliagos, posted at SSRN] “…we find that large biases and high rates of false positives will often be found by conventional meta-analysis methods….

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