Might This Also Apply to Untenured Faculty?

[From the article “A survey on data reproducibility and the effect of publication process on the ethical reporting of laboratory research,” forthcoming in the journal Clinical Cancer Research] “We developed an anonymous online survey intended for trainees involved in bench…

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OkCupid: Where Love and Data Transparency Don’t Match

Welcome to the tale of Emil Kirkegaard, a Danish postgraduate student, who has achieved worldwide notoriety for publishing data from the dating site, OkCupid.  The story is well-told in a Vox article by Brian Resnick (click here).  In addition to a…

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Can You Teach Research Integrity? Sure, But That Doesn’t Mean They’ll Learn

[From the article in Retraction Watch] “Can we teach good behavior in the lab? That’s the premise behind a number of interventions aimed at improving research integrity, invested in by universities across the world and even private companies. Trouble is, a new…

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