Tired of Candy Crush? Try the New and Improved p-Hacker App!

[From Felix Schönbrodt’s Twitter account, @nicebread303] “The p-hacker app just UNLOCKED the most requested PRO FEATURE: Subgroup analyses!!!” “Check if you can find the effect for, say, young males. This is soo theoretically interesting. Now you can get the p-hacking…

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SCHEEL: When Null Results Beat Significant Results OR Why Nothing May Be Truer Than Something

[The following is an adaption of (and in large parts identical to) a recent blog post by Anne Scheel that appeared on The 100% CI .] Many, probably most empirical scientists use frequentist statistics to decide if a hypothesis should be rejected…

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SCHÖNBRODT: Learn to p-Hack Like the Pros!

(NOTE: This ironic blog post was originally published on  My Dear Fellow Scientists! “If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.” This aphorism, attributed to Ronald Coase, sometimes has been used in a dis-respective manner, as if…

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