Debunking Three Common Claims of Scientific Reform

[Excerpts are taken from the article, “The case for formal methodology in scientific reform” by Berna Devezer, Danielle Navarro, Joachim Vandekerckhove, and Erkan Buzbas, posted at bioRxiv] “Methodologists have criticized empirical scientists for: (a) prematurely presenting unverified research results as…

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Meta-Research: The Big Picture

[From the paper “Calibrating the scientific ecosystem through meta-research” by Tom Hardwicke, Stylianos Serghiou, Perrine Janiaud, Valentin Danchev, Sophia Crüwell, Steven Goodman, and John Ioannidis, forthcoming in Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application] “Meta-research has been defined as ‘the…

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