Pre-Registration: It’s a Journey

[Excerpts taken from the preprint “Preregistration Is Hard, And Worthwhile” by Brian Nosek and others, posted at PsyArXiv Preprints] “Preregistration of studies serves at least three aims for improving the credibility and reproducibility of research findings.” “First, preregistration of analysis…

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GOODMAN & REED: A Friendly Debate about Pre-Registration

Background: Nat Goodman is generally pessimistic about the benefits of pre-registration. Bob Reed is generally optimistic about pre-registration. What follows is a back-and-forth dialogue about what each likes and dislikes about pre-registration. [GOODMAN, Opening Statement] We need to remember that…

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Your One Stop Shop for the Pre-registration Debate

Recently the 59th annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society in New Orleans played host to an interesting series of talks on how statistical methods should interact with the practice of science. Some speakers discussed exploratory model building, suggesting that this activity may not…

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