CSI: Tilburg

[From the article “The truth squad” by Erik Stokstad, published in Science] “In August 2011, Diederik Stapel, a prominent psychologist and a dean at Tilburg University here, confessed to faking data for dozens of papers over 15 years. As part of an internal…

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Reproducibility. You Can Do This.

[From the paper, “Practical Tools and Strategies for Researchers to Increase Replicability” by Michele Nuijten, forthcoming in Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology] “Several large-scale problems are affecting the validity and reproducibility of scientific research. … Many of the suggested solutions are…

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Nature Asks, “How To Fix Science?”

[From the article “Five ways to fix statistics” posted at] “As debate rumbles on about how and how much to poor statistics is to blame for poor reproducibility, Nature asked influential statisticians to recommend one change to improve science.” Researchers…

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