The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty: A Personal Example From the Authors?

[From the blog entitled “Oh, I hate it when work is criticized (or, in this case, fails in attempted replications) and then the original researchers don’t even consider the possibility that maybe in their original work they were inadvertently just…

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All Roads Lead to Rome?

[From the working paper, “Multiple Perspectives on Inference for Two Simple Statistical Scenarios” by van Dongen et al., posted at PsyArXiv Preprints] “When analyzing a specific data set, statisticians usually operate within the confines of their preferred inferential paradigm. For…

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Reproducibility. You Can Do This.

[From the paper, “Practical Tools and Strategies for Researchers to Increase Replicability” by Michele Nuijten, forthcoming in Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology] “Several large-scale problems are affecting the validity and reproducibility of scientific research. … Many of the suggested solutions are…

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