HIRSCHAUER, GRÜNER, & MUßHOFF: Fundamentals of Statistical Inference: What is the Meaning of Random Error?

This blog is based on the book of the same name by Norbert Hirschauer, Sven Grüner, and Oliver Mußhoff that was published in SpringerBriefs in Applied Statistics and Econometrics in August 2022. Starting from the premise that a lacking understanding…

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REED: EIR* – Interval Testing

[* EIR = Econometrics in Replications, a feature of TRN that highlights useful econometrics procedures for re-analysing existing research. The material for this blog is motivated by a recent blog at TRN, “The problem isn’t just the p-value, it’s also…

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How do Psychologists Interpret Nonsignificant Results? Evidence from the Journals

[From the abstract to the article, “Quantifying Support for the Null Hypothesis in Psychology: An Empirical Investigation” by Aczel et al., recently published in Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science] “In the traditional statistical framework, nonsignificant results leave researchers…

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