Looking Back on Metascience 2019

[Excerpts taken from the article, “Metascience: The Science of Doing Science” by Jonathan Schooler, published in Observer magazine, a publication of the Association of Psychological Science. The article appeared in November 2019. TRN apologizes for the belated posting.] “In September,…

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Are Badges the New Normal?

[From the blog “Psychology’s New Normal” by Stephen Lindsay, posted at the Center for Open Science’s website] “As one means of encouraging these transparent science practices, the Center for Open Science developed the idea of awarding badges to articles that met…

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Should We Talk About It?

[From the article “How (and Whether) to Teach Undergraduates About the Replication Crisis in Psychological Science”, recently published by William Chopik, Ryan Bremner, Andrew Defever, and Victor Keller in Teaching of Psychology] “Over the past 10 years, crises surrounding replication,…

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