An Interesting Thread on Pre-registration

The Psychonomic Society has been hosting an interesting blog series on pre-registration. Below are the five blogs with ridiculously brief, and probably misleading, summaries: Stephen Lindsay (“Arguments for Preregistering Psychology Research”) SUMMARY: Proper interpretation of the results from hypothesis testing…

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Are Badges the New Normal?

[From the blog “Psychology’s New Normal” by Stephen Lindsay, posted at the Center for Open Science’s website] “As one means of encouraging these transparent science practices, the Center for Open Science developed the idea of awarding badges to articles that met…

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Population? What Population?

[From the abstract of a new working paper by DANIEL SIMONS, YUICHI SHODA, and D. STEPHEN LINDSAY entitled “Constraints on Generality (COG): A Proposed Addition to All Empirical Papers”] “A cumulative science depends on accurately characterizing the generality of findings, but…

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