“Replicate Early and Often”

[From the working paper “The Dozen Things Experimental Economists Should Do (More Of)” by Eszter Czibor, David Jimenez-Gomez, and John List, Working Paper 25451 in the NBER Working Paper Series] “…We believe that the best approach to increasing the reliability of…

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GOODMAN: Systematic Replication May Make Many Mistakes

Replication seems a sensible way to assess whether a scientific result is right. The intuition is clear: if a result is right, you should get a significant result when repeating the work; if it it’s wrong, the result should be…

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Did it Replicate? Or Didn’t It?

[From the blogsite, Data Colada] As noted previously in TRN, the Social Sciences Replication Project is replicating 21 experimental studies published in Nature and Science from 2010-2015.  To determine whether the original studies replicate, the associated team of researchers is using the following rule:…

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