REED: P-Values: Come, Let Us Reason Together

Like many others, I was aware that there was controversy over null-hypothesis statistical testing. Nevertheless, I was shocked to learn that leading figures in the American Statistical Association (ASA) recently called for abolishing the term “statistical significance”. In an editorial…

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IN THE NEWS: Undark (March 21, 2019)

[From the article “Stats Experts Plead: Just Say No to P-Hacking” by Dalmeet Singh Chawla, published in Undark] “For decades, researchers have used a statistical measure called the p-value — a widely-debated statistic that even scientists find difficult to define — that is…

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Special Issue of The American Statistician: “Statistical Inference in the 21st Century: A World Beyond p < 0.05”

[From the introductory editorial “Moving to a World Beyond ‘p < 0.05’” by Ronald Wasserstein, Allen Schirm and Nicole Lazar, published in The American Statistician] “Some of you exploring this special issue of The American Statistician might be wondering if…

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