A Roundtable Podcast on the Merits of Lowering the Threshold for Statistical Significance to 0.005

This past week, the International Methods Colloquium hosted a conference call on a recent proposal to reduce the threshold of statistical significance to 0.005.  Participants included Daniel Benjamin, Daniel Lakens, Blake McShane, Jennifer Tackett, E.J. Wagenmakers,  and Justin Esarey, all of whom have made important contributions to the debate. 
Each gave a short presentation of their view, followed by questions from the moderator (Esarey) and then questions from online listeners. Particularly well presented was the relationship between p-values and Bayes factors, and the motivation behind the proposed 0.005 threshold. 
The entire podcast, including the Q&A component, is about an hour long. It is an efficient way to get caught up on the debate, and highly recommended.
To read more (and go to the podcast), click here.

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