Update on the Journal of Development Economics’ Pilot on Pre-Results Review

[From the blog by David McKenzie, “A few catch-up links”, posted at Development Impact] “At the BITSS conference, Andrew Foster … gave an update of the JDE’s pilot of registered reports/pre-results review. Some points he noted:” – “They see this process…

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Replication in Economics: Psychology Isn’t the Only Place Where Context Matters

[From the blog, “The replication puzzle: why do policies work there but not here?” by Tom Graham, posted at Apolitical] “In the US, the Nurse-Family Partnership is considered a proven program. It sends nurses to visit poor first-time mothers, and in…

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COVILLE & VIVALT: Should We Trust Evidence On Development Programs?

[From the working paper, “How Often Should We Believe Positive Results? Assessing the Credibility of Research Findings in Development Economics” by Aidan Coville and Eva Vivalt] Over $140 billion is spent on donor assistance to developing countries annually to promote…

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