All Roads Lead to Rome?

[From the working paper, “Multiple Perspectives on Inference for Two Simple Statistical Scenarios” by van Dongen et al., posted at PsyArXiv Preprints] “When analyzing a specific data set, statisticians usually operate within the confines of their preferred inferential paradigm. For…

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Battle of the p-Hackers: The HARKer Versus The Accumulator

[From the blog, “Gazing into the Abyss of P-Hacking: HARKing vs. Optional Stopping” by Angelika Stefan and Felix Schönbrodt, posted at Felix Schönbrodt’s website at “Now, what does a researcher do when confronted with messy, non-significant results? According to several…

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BROWN, LAMBERT, & WOJAN: At the Intersection of Null Findings and Replication

Replication is an important topic in economic research or any social science for that matter. This issue is most important when an analysis is undertaken to inform decisions by policymakers. Drawing inferences from null or insignificant finding is particularly problematic…

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