HIRSCHAUER et al.: Why replication is a nonsense exercise if we stick to dichotomous significance thinking and neglect the p-value’s sample-to-sample variability

[This blog is based on the paper “Pitfalls of significance testing and p-value variability: An econometrics perspective” by Norbert Hirschauer, Sven Grüner, Oliver Mußhoff, and Claudia Becker, Statistics Surveys 12(2018): 136-172.] Replication studies are often regarded as the means to…

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How to Get Something from Nothing. Or, “Yes, Virginia, You Can Do Ex-post Power Analyses”.

[From the article, “The effect of the conservation reserve program on rural economies: Deriving a statistical verdict from a null finding” by Jason Brown, Dayton Lambert, and Timothy Wojan, recently published in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics] “This article suggests…

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REED: Post-Hoc Power Analyses: Good for Nothing?

Observed power (or post-hoc power) is the statistical power of the test you have performed, based on the effect size estimate from your data. Statistical power is the probability of finding a statistical difference from 0 in your test (aka…

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