When Peer Review is Too Slow – How About a Red Team?

[Excerpts taken from the article, “Pandemic researchers — recruit your own best critics” by Daniël Lakens, published in Nature] “As researchers rush to find the best ways to quell the COVID-19 crisis, they want to get results out ultra-fast. Preprints…

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Notes from the 2019 Annual BITSS Conference

[Excerpts taken from the article “The 2019 BITSS Annual Meeting: A barometer for the evolving open science movement” by Aleksandar Bogdanoski and Katie Hoeberling, posted at] “Each year we look forward to our Annual Meeting as a space for showcasing new…

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Calling All Graduate Students, Post-Docs, Researchers, and Faculty: Would You Fill Out a Short Survey on Preprints?

[From the Center for Open Science] The Center for Open Science is seeking graduate students, post docs, researchers and academic faculty to participate in a survey to investigate the factors that affect the perceived credibility and use of preprints. Participation…

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