When Peer Review is Too Slow – How About a Red Team?

[Excerpts taken from the article, “Pandemic researchers — recruit your own best critics” by Daniël Lakens, published in Nature] “As researchers rush to find the best ways to quell the COVID-19 crisis, they want to get results out ultra-fast. Preprints…

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Pre-Registration as a Severe Testing Device

[Excerpts are taken from the preprint, “The Value of Preregistration for Psychological Science: A Conceptual Analysis” by Daniël Lakens, posted at PsyArXiv Preprints] What is Preregistration For? “If the only goal of a researcher is to prevent bias, it suffices…

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Somebody Asks, How Can A Theory Be Falsified? Twitter Responds

[From the Twitter thread started by @JessieSunPsych] Jessie Sun (@JessieSunPsych) relayed the following question that was raised at a recent Psychology conference: “At what point can a theory be falsified (e.g., if the effect size is d = .02)? We often…

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