Choosing the Right α: What You Need to Know

[From the article “The quest for an optimal alpha” by Jeff Miller and Rolf Ulrich, published in PLOS One] “The purpose of the present article is to show exactly what is necessary to provide a principled justification for a particular α…

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Redefining RSS

[From the blog “Justify Your Alpha by Decreasing Alpha Levels as a Function of the Sample Size” by Daniël Lakens, posted at The 20% Statistician] “Testing whether observed data should surprise us, under the assumption that some model of the data is…

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REED: Why Lowering Alpha to 0.005 is Unlikely to Help

[This blog is based on the paper, “A Primer on the ‘Reproducibility Crisis’ and Ways to Fix It” by the author] A standard research scenario is the following: A researcher is interested in knowing whether there is a relationship between…

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