Is It Pointless to Try and Predict Reproducibility?

[Excerpts taken from the blog “Responding to the replication crisis: reflections on Metascience2019” by Dorothy Bishop, published at her blogsite, BishopBlog] “I’m just back from MetaScience 2019…It is a sign of a successful meeting, I think, if it gets people…raising…

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Systematic Reviews: The Machines Cometh

[Excerpts taken from the article, “Developing a fully automated evidence synthesis” by John  Brassey et al., published in BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine] “Here, we describe a fully automated evidence synthesis system for intervention studies, one that identifies all the relevant evidence,…

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Predicting Reproducibility

[From the working paper “Predicting the Replicability of Social Science Lab Experiments” by Altmejd et al., posted at BITSS Preprints] “We have 131 direct replications in our dataset. Each can be judged categorically by whether it succeeded or failed, by a…

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