EDWARD LEAMER: On Econometrics in the Basement, the Bayesian Approach, and the Leamer-Rosenthal Prize

(THIS BLOG IS REPOSTED FROM THE BITSS WEBSITE) I became interested in methodological issues as a University of Michigan graduate student from 1967 to 1970, watching the economics faculty build an econometric macro model in the basement of the building (The…

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Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS) Announces Large Cash Prizes

BITSS announces the Leamer-Rosenthal Prizes for Open Social Science.  There are two prize groups.  The first is for young researchers who either evidence transparency in their own research or have researched on the subject of transparency.  The second group is…

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B.D.MCCULLOUGH: The Reason so Few Replications Get Published Is….

When preparing to give a talk at a conference recently, I decided to update some information I had published a few years ago.  In McCullough (2009), I estimated that 16 economics journals had a mandatory data/code archive (archives that require…

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